I’m sure you’ve heard songs with a dog in the title or in the lyrics like Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog or Who let the Dogs Out by Baha Men….. well, we found a whole new take on Dogs and Music….. WooFTunes is Bill “WooFDriver” Helman’s Creation of Music about Dogs, for Dogs, and to be listened to with Dogs! From songs about training Dogs, to songs that document his personal epic adventures with his team of Huskies, he’s even created guided mediations and relaxation music to help soothe and calm Dogs. You see Bill is not a musician but he says he’s a music man with a passion for music that’s almost as intense as his love for Dogs… Bill is actually Dyslexic and his writing is essentially handicapped because of his dyslexia, but, he finds writing difficult as it may be for him, to be therapeutic and an effective way for him to learn so he tells us he truly loves to write about his Dogs and Dog related experiences….he also discovered, when he was in his younger years, attending school and struggling with dyslexia that he could memorize and learn through taking melodies and lyrics of songs by creating new lyrics to match the melody that would be about the subject matter he was studying…as he explains when he would go to take a test in school he would sing a song to himself with the lyrics he created that contained the answers of the subject matter he was taking the test for…. so a lot of the songs he has written for his WooFTunes Dog Music Library will probably sound familiar to you as he has taken songs from the Beatles, Madonna, Elton John and so many other famous artists and bands and puts his lyrics to their song…. these kinds of songs are called parodies and some of his parodies are quite entertaining and informative…. in addition Bill has assembled a team of professional musicians that transforms his writings into these songs and parodies with many of these artists having deep roots in the music industry with affiliations from the likes of Kenny Rogers, Britt Floyd (one of the premiere Pink Floyd Tribute Bands) and blink 182…. I’m quite certain you’ve never heard anything like this and you’ve just got to have a listen…. go to WooFTunes.com for more!

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