A Dog Guitar

We have found the ultimate instrument for any dog lover who plays guitar…. it’s called the WooF AXX and is the creation of the WooFDriver Dog Adventurer…. you see the WooFDriver is a dog lover, adventurer, and advocate with a special place in his heart for Huskies…. The WooFDriver, though not a musician, has written many of songs about Dogs and his Dog centric lifestyle…. some of the many talented musicians who recorded his writings and turned them into the hits they are today have helped him design and build the WooF AXX…. you see WooFDriver tells us that he wanted a way to celebrate and honor Dogs especially the ones in the songs he has written… he felt it would be instrumental (no pun intended) if he could commission a guitar to be played on the songs he was writing… So with a lot of collaborative minds and musical engineering the WOOF AXX was born… Each hand crafted guitar individually has its own Dog name and features a different style Husky like face with some modeled to look like WooFDriver’s Actual Huskies. They are complete with eyes that light up and hollow bodied ears to provide some acoustic sounds! This electric guitar is made to be played and according to WooFDriver some very talented guitarists have gotten their licks in on the WOOF AXX…. for more on the WOOF AXX go to www.WooFDriver.com

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