Urban MUSHing

Have you heard of this guy the WooFDriver? He’s known throughout Facebook and Instagram as the Husky Dog Adventurer! Traveling the east coast of the USA doing his own style of what’s known as Urban MUSHing…. Urban MUSHing he defines as tethering a dog or a few dogs to almost any style rig,….. like a bike or scooter and riding or “MUSHing” on trails, quiet roads, or even sidewalks…. WooFDriver’s style of urban MUSHing puts the dogs on the side instead of out in front of the bike or rig…. this means the dog or dogs don’t have to pull but can instead just walk, trot, or run with the bike…. this is why almost any dog can participate in WooFDriver’s Style of Urban MUSHing, in fact his 15 year old Husky Princess Urban Mushes weekly! Now I’m quite certain you’ve never seen anything like this before, and if you have a Dog you might want to check this out as WooFDriver says almost anyone and any dog can participate on almost any style bicycle with the right gear, so you and your best friend can exercise and adventure together:) for more visit www.WooFDriver.com

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