Motorcycle Dog

As the weather starts to warm and spring fever is in the air we will soon be seeing motorcycles populating the road ways…. with that being said we weren’t quite prepared for what we recently saw…this was a little more exciting than your ordinary motorcycle rider …. we actually saw a man and his Dog riding a motorcycle…. we had to do a double take to confirm and we than further explored…. we caught up to the driver and dog who fittingly calls himself the WooFDriver and he told us more about motorcycling with his Dog… WooFDriver explained he is an avid Dog adventurer that tours trails with his pack of Huskies on the east coast of the United States using specially designed bikes not motorcycle bikes but pedal powered bikes so the dogs and him can exercise…. he says that the traveling and excitement of so many new areas that he and his husky team visit is so awesome but also a lot of work for the Dogs and him…. so therefore when they aren’t adventuring by exercising means such as on the pedal and Dog- Powered bikes he likes to relax with his dogs by motorcycling with them… Since he can only fit one dog on the motorcycle at a time it gives him some individual bonding time with them and he says they really seem to enjoy the one on one dynamic. He usually will find a a park or nature type area along their motorcycle ride where he and his Dog can get off the motorcycle and take a quiet walk and hydrate… Now I know what you’re asking yourself how safe is it to ride a motorcycle with a dog… Well we posed that question to WooFDriver and he explained he rides with them only on a three wheeled motorcycle sometimes referred to as a trike… This style of motorcycle he tells us is safer than a 2 wheeled motorcycle because there is no need to balance as the bike can’t tip over…. He also uses a special seat custom made by hand to fit his style motorcycle and his dog’s proportions …. this seat is actually part of a complete ensemble that includes a harness and goggles to protect the dog’s eyes…. the genius design of this seating system for the dog is that it essentially safety belts the dog on the motorcycle and there is no way the dog can leave the seat…. this would be similar to and also as dependable as a seat belt in a car for humans…. WooFDriver continues to tell us that before he ever rides a dog on his motorcycle he takes time to train them to be comfortable on the motorcycle and build their confidence level to ensure they will further enjoy their time riding ….because of his active dog lifestyle the confidence and trust he builds with each dog on the motorcycle transfers to the dogs actually being more receptive to sometimes unusual situations they occasionally encounter on their regular dog adventures. So this motorcycle riding is actually another tool in his dog training repertoire…. to see more of this most incredible and beautiful scene of man and his best friend motoring along visit

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