Dogs On The Chase

It’s no secret that Dogs like to chase…. sometimes maybe from boredom they chase their own tail… but did you know that the chase is actually a natural instinct for most Dogs… we looked into this further and found a guy who calls himself the WooFDriver and he actually has built a chase kind of course for his Dogs…..what does this mean you may be asking yourself, well we asked the same thing! The WooFDriver, who has a team of Huskies, has told us that Most Dogs Chase because of their prey drive…. in fact they will chase almost anything that runs away from them…. he says that if your Dog ever runs away it’s our natural instinct to chase them but a lot of times if you can grab the dogs attention that is running away from you and show him or her that you are not chasing them and can turn away from the dog and go the opposite direction, your dog will than most likely chase you… we thought that’s an interesting approach than we found WooFDriver has a lot of interesting approaches… as he tells us he got the name WooFDriver as he is driving at a Dogs passion to satisfy their needs, especially his dogs with such a high energy drive that without enough energy outlets they can become very problematic… the only problem for us humans with Huskies in today’s modern day world is trying to keep up with them and being able to challenge their fire to burn it off by finding activities that will engage and motivate them enough to purge that power! That’s where he says appealing to that chasing instinct is an opportunity to do an activity he calls the Mazing Chase! Now WooFDriver informed us, that his sport called the Mazing Chase is actually based on a little known dog sport that’s been around for many years called lure coursing….. lure coursing is where dogs chase a flag or toy that is attached to a string on a pulley system and as the string is moved by motor the lure moves and the dog is supposed to chase it… this sport as WooFDriver understands it was originally designed for sighthounds because they hunt predominately with their keen eyesight and therefore can track the lure visually as it can travel over 1000 yards away…. so other breeds of Dogs such as WooFDriver’s Huskies who predominately hunt with their nose are less likely to chase a lure like this as it is harder for them to see and it has no scent to appeal to the kind of hunting they typically do… that being said WooFDriver tells us there are still lots of Dogs that aren’t sighthounds that will still be very interested in chasing this lure and engaging this activity. WooFDriver is proof of this because 2 of his Huskies just LOVE it!! By the way the lure is designed to run over 50 mph as some sighthounds like the greyhound can reach speeds over 40 mph…. Huskies usually max out around 30 mph…. so this is a fast moving activity that can usually ware most Dogs out after a few runs…. but again because of the Huskies endurance it seems like they can do this lure coursing all day… that’s why WooFDriver had to customize the lure course to be able to keep up with his Huskies so he built his own machine that could keep his Huskies busy for many of hours, this is why he changed his version of lure coursing and calls it the Mazing Chase… he says he actually tracked one of his Huskies for over 15 miles chasing the lure on the Mazing Chase course… how do think your dog might do with lure coursing? WooFDriver tells us that in some areas there are lure courses open to the public where you may be able to give your Dog a spin and satisfy his or her chasing instinct….find out more

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