All Dog Zen

You’ve probably heard of the benefits for people from calming music and mediation, but have you ever heard of calming music and meditation for Dogs? Well, take a deep breath we found a guy who calls himself the WooFDriver and wants people to think of him as the Deepak Chopra of Dogs, WHOA!!! WooFDriver is an EXTREME Dog Adventurer who travels the trails and nature areas along the east coast of the USA to explore and exercise his pack of Husky Dogs…. You see WooFDriver tells us he has deep roots in the martial arts with a focus on breath work, and meditation practices that he says have helped center and balance his life…. according to WooFDriver most animals instinctually move in a relaxed state even when they are hunting or defending themselves, in fact he explains, many martial arts systems and techniques are named after animals because of their proficiency which derives from the animals ability to relax and execute with out thought or what many call with an empty mind which is an important and a very potent aspect….. so as you see WooFDriver is all about the notion of being able to relax in order to reach maximum potential! He goes on to say that in our modern day world domesticated animals like our best friends the Dog can use some assistance to relax like the music and mediations he has produced and calls WooFDreams… find out more fo to

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