All Dog Radio

With the freedom of choice of so many tv stations and radio stations weather it’s on satellite, cable or the internet the choices seem endless…. well we just discovered a network of dog radio stations that’s right you heard me Dog as in our best friends radio? We just had to find out what this was all about? We actually learned this is all creatively put together by a guy who goes by the name of WooFDriver…. WooFDriver is an avid Dog Adventurer roaming trails all over the east coast of the United States to explore and exercise with his team of Huskies…. but we still were wondering what does this have to do with all of these Dog related radio stations? We had to talk to the WooFDriver and find out more… WooFDriver is deep to day the least, he explained to us that the power of music has always been a big part of his life evoking feelings and inspiring memories of some of the best times of his life… he asked us if there is a song we can recall that when we hear it we think of someone or some special time in our life? I had to think for a second and as I was thinking he quickly asked what’s your favorite song? I easily answered and he than asked why do you like that song so much? I answered because it reminded me of the summer I graduated and how special and fun it was…. he said BINGO! Music is powerful and can change our mood, heal our thoughts, and even motivate us…..WOW!! I had to than ask if he was some kind of psychiatrist or psychologist because he was diving way deeper than I expected….. he actually explained he has an extensive background in the martial arts and thrives on the saying mind over matter…. I asked him what does that mean to you? He simply answered that the way we think can guide and define our destiny…. he than explained all of what he was getting at…. saying Music is words and melodies that if we can coordinate it with positive messaging in our minds than we can then hold the ultimate power! So when we hear certain songs we can be inspired, motivated, or even warmed in our hearts by just hearing the song….Again this was all a bit much for me to digest in this brief conversation but it did sound very interesting…. so WooFDriver than explained for his love of Dogs and the many memories he and his dogs are creating on each adventure he wanted to be able to document and relive in a way that would inspire him instantly and effortlessly kind of like turning on the radio and hearing a favorite song…. so continuing on he explains that he wrote many of his special times into songs and than worked with many musicians to match and record his writings into melodies that he already liked to really have the best of both worlds…. he was basically created parodies of famous songs and substituted his words for the regular lyrics… he goes on to explain how this whole concept grew and as people started to enjoy his music he developed more with different focuses such as dog training music where he gives pointers and information about his professional style of dog training right inside the lyrics….other dog related music he has developed includes guided dog meditations designed to be listened to by a dog and their human best friend as well as dog relaxation and calming music…. there’s a whole playlist of breed specific songs, RAP dog songs and even a dog comedy channel and so much more…. with over 15 doggy style radio stations you and you’re dog will always have something to tune into…. for more visit

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